A Combination of Active Ingredients for Natural and Color Treated Hair.

Protect Hair and Scalp from DHT Build-Up When Used Daily.

3-Part System Starter Kit

“I’m 42 and my thinning hair looks great now. I wish I started sooner!”
-Nicole S., 3-Part Kit Customer

4.8 Stars

Our most popular product.

It includes:
Step 1) PREP Cleanser Shampoo 5.1oz
Step 2) PRIME Moisture+ Conditioner 5.1oz
Step 3) TREAT Micro Activ3 Treatment 2.6oz


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Reviv3 3-Part System

One system for all hair types, natural and chemically treated hair, for men and women in one convenient kit.

Our system uses Shielded Micro Technology which eliminates the need for two separate systems to treat your hair. It allows the combining of active botanical ingredients to effectively improve the scalp skin environment in both natural and chemically treated hair.

Our system is naturally derived from plants and is chemical free.

Clinically Proven
A clinical study of our 3-part system completed by iRSI Labs, a nationally recognized independent laboratory, has demonstrated the following results in 30 days:

  • 300% increase in hair strength ✓
  • 75% reduction in broken hair fibers ✓
  • 81.5% increase in mean PH scalp health ✓
  • 57% improvement in hair shine and softness ✓

Active Natural Ingredients:

Saw Palmetto
Prevents the formation of DHT, the leading cause of hair loss.

Quinoa Extract
Provides exceptional skin hydration and softening.

Red Clover
Provides scalp care with a more youthful hair complexion.

Rice Protein
Repairs your hair while giving it body, volume & natural shine.

Olive Leaf Extract
Moisturizes the hair and scalp without adding weight.

Vitamin B Complex
Increases scalp microcirculation and enhances nutrient uptake.

Professional Publications

“This scalp treatment contains peptides, proteins, and caffeine. Three months ago, I started spraying it on my roots a couple of times a week, and my hair is growing so much faster.”

“Thinning or superfine hair doesn’t have to mean fewer options… for those who prefer a natural alternative, hand them Reviv3 Procare.”

“So much more than hope in a jar, these systems offer cleansers, conditioners, and treatments that improve the scalp environment & help remedy issues that impact hair health.”

“To create volume and thickness, try Reviv3’s three-part system. This one-of-a-kind product range was founded on the need for an effective drug-free system that works.”

STEP 1 – PREP Cleanser Shampoo
A gentle sulfate-free daily cleanser/shampoo formulated with protein, vitamin complexes and nutrients to cleanse your scalp of styling product buildup, environmental residue and toxins that collect on your scalp.

PREP helps to address dryness, flaking and itching of the scalp. Is sodium chloride free, and is safe for chemically treated hair such as hair color and keratin straightening.

STEP 2 – PRIME Moisture+ Conditioner
Is an innovative, multi-protein daily use scalp and hair conditioner formulated with glycoprotein, vitamin complex and botanical extracts.

PRIME moisturizes the scalp for a healthy growing environment while creating thicker stronger hair, increased shine and controls fizziness, leaving the hair silky smooth.

STEP 3 – TREAT Micro-Activ3
Is an encapsulated, Tri-peptide complex in a State-of-the-art nutrient delivery system, supports epidermal nutrient uptake and increased microcirculation – having a direct effect on excessive hair loss, hair volume and rapid hair growth.

TREAT protects the scalp skin from DHT buildup when used daily.

Usage Directions

  1. Apply Cleanser to wet hair. Lather for 1 minute, then rinse.
  2. After cleansing, distribute Moisture+Conditioner onto scalp and throughout the hair. Leave on 1-3 minutes, then rinse well.
  3. Use the Micro-Activ3 Treatment by spraying close to scalp skin and apply all over; use fingertips or comb to spread evenly. Do not rinse.

Accompany with

REVIV3 Boost for areas of visible thinning hair.

REVIV3 Mend to control frizz, split-ends and repair damaged strands and follicles.

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