We’re passionate about all-natural skin health

At Revive ProCare all of our products are born out of our passion for natural skin health and the amazing benefits that come with it. We use only the highest quality plant based ingredients to make sure that your skin and hair look and feel as healthy and radiant as possible.

We’re devoted to creating solutions from the earth

Using plant-based natural ingredients, our chemists spend years formulating the most efficacious and effective solutions to “real world” issues caused by sub-optimal skin health.

Skin Health Risk Factors:

What we ingest: Food, Chemicals, and Drink

Damage done by outside forces: Mother Nature, Hair and Skin Treatments designed more for beautification than skin health and day-to- day life

The effects of aging on our chemical balance and our DNA

We’re here to help

Our initial product line Reviv3 Procare is a natural hair and skin care product line that is designed to support the scalp in the creation of thicker, fuller, longer and healthier hair. After several years in the market we believe that this line is unmatched in the results seen by our customers in not only the amount and quality of their hair, but in the overall health of their scalp and the benefits that come with a healthy scalp: reduction or removal of dandruff, hair regrowth and easing in scalp irritation.